I humbly present to you my ever-evolving, slightly embarrassing left off list. Here is a list of things that I am going to do. This isn’t a “someday” list, but a list of things that will happen soon. These are goals that I am actively working towards and will complete. I have no doubt that I will cross off every item on this list (I’m hoping that the more I saw this the more confident and sure I’ll feel about it actually happening). Dream big, my friends.


Travel Solo (8.25.2015)

Explore the World– fill the pages of my passport so I need a new one before it expires in 2018

Visit all 7 continents (S. America, Africa, Australia and Antarctica left to go!)

Go on more solo trips

Swim in the Great Barrier Reef (before it disappears)

Backpack South America

Hike the Patagonia

Travel to Japan (planned for spring 2017)

Go on a cross country road trip

Be in four states at once

Be in two time zones at once

Visit all 50 states (airport layovers don’t count!) 12/50

Go swimming in every ocean ( (Atlantic, Pacific, Indian, Arctic, Antarctic/Southern, )

Float in the Dead Sea

Explore New Orleans (May 2016)



Run a 5K, 10K, 15K (Who was I kidding, I didn’t even try to run in the past year)

Go in for yearly check-ups (no procrastinating!)

Spread Joy

Be a mentor (In progress- guess it shouldn’t ever end either)

Help turtles hatch and make it to the ocean

Collect 100 beanies and blankets to donate to Knots of Love


Cook a successful 3-course meal

Learn how to cook my favorite meals with my Mom

Eliminate processed foods from my diet for a month


Become fluent in Spanish (in progress)

Become a polyglot

Earn 25 badges on Codecademy (3/25)

Become an expert calligrapher (not sure if I’m an expert, but I did do my sister’s wedding invites, so I think it counts!)


Get into graduate school (Big changes are coming!)

Be creative every day

Sell one of my paintings

Rescue a dog

Nourish my relationships


Actively invest and build my portfolio

Don’t get caught up with “keeping up with the Jones” (or more accurately the Kardashians :P)


White water raft

Sleep under the Northern lights

Go zorbing

Be an extra in a Hollywood movie

Explore a volcano (October 2016, Big Island)

Go bungee jumping

Get a tattoo (or two)


Get 1000 page views on my blog in a week (in progress) in a day (in progress)

Make money off of (1.2.2015)

Make 100 dollars in a month through blogging (2.22.2015)

Make 100 dollars a month through blogging consistently