New Year Intentions (but actually…it’s just one)

New Year Intentions

I’m not big on resolutions, personally, because I have a terrible track record of following through with them. I do believe in setting new intentions each year though. I had started a list of things I was actively working on last year. Embarrassingly, not much has gotten done, but I was able to cross some big ones off the list!

This time, instead of choosing new specific resolutions, I thought I’d set some new year intentions, or really it’s only one intention.

New Year Intentions

A Year of “Yes”

Since last spring I had been saying no, or to be more accurate it was “maybe later” a lot because I was very focused on trying to get into graduate school. But now I’m coming out of my cave and choosing to say yes more. Hopefully, it leads me to great things for this year!


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