Last Min. Gift: Bolo Keychain DIY

Bolo Keychain DIY

This bolo keychain DIY gift would be a great solution for anyone who’s constantly digging through their bags looking for their keys. It’s a larger piece that you can easily find, but won’t weigh down your keys!


Bolo Keychain DIY

Yarn or Rope | Gold Paint or Gold Liquid Leaf | Small Dipping Cup


Start off by cutting an 18-inch pieces of rope or using the yarn to create an 18-inch piece of cord with an Embellish Knit.

Bolo Keychain DIY

Use TheDuchy’s awesome tutorial to tie a double coin knot.

Bolo Keychain DIY Bolo Keychain DIY

Dip the ends into the Liquid Leaf or a small cup of gold acrylic paint.

Bolo Keychain DIY

Hang to dry for at least 24 hours!

Bolo Keychain DIY

Tah-dah, all done!

Bolo Keychain DIY

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