Irresistible Me Review

Irresistible Me Review

It was a very serendipitous moment when Irresistible Me first reached out to me with this opportunity to review their Silky Touch extensions. Even though I wanted to grow my hair out, I was about to go in to the salon for a chop.  Getting my hair past the awkward lengths between cuts or growing out your hair is torturous! Thankfully, now, I can use these extensions to get me through the transition.

Irresistible Me Review:

Irresistible Me Review

I want to be very honest and confess I have never had hair extensions before. I had no idea what to expect and was weary of agreeing to review the Silky Touch extensions at first. Thankfully, the customer service reps at Irresistible Me are extremely nice and can help you figure out which extension type, color and weight works best for you!

Irresistible Me Review

First Impressions:

These clip in extensions are intended for anyone looking to add volume or length to their hair. I received the the chocolate brown 200g, 14 inch extensions and love the versatility that it provides me. I will say that the extensions all tend to taper off which gives your hair more of a layered look.

Irresistible Me Review Irresistible Me Review

As a complete novice, I found the Silky Touch clip in extensions extremely easy to use. Another plus is that Irresistible Me has some great video tutorials on their site to help!

Bonus: With the holiday season coming up the site has a great sale going on now!

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