In My Bag: Packing for a Destination Wedding

In My Bag: Packing for a Destination Wedding

Weddings are always exciting. Most of the time they’re not in the city you’re living in so packing for a wedding usually means packing for a destination wedding. Often I extend the trip into a vacation. When my sister and soon to be brother-in-law chose Maui as the location of their wedding I knew I’d be taking a few extra days to myself to explore the island and possibly another island before heading back home. Check out my tips on what I’m putting in my bag: packing for a destination wedding!

I’ve since converted to the light packing side since my trip to Europe last year. But it’s a tough feat to fit the stuff you’re wearing to the wedding along with all the clothes and toiletries you’re going to be using for the week after while you’re on relaxing!

How to Pack Your Wedding Clothes

Tip: To help protect your formal wear wrap your formal garments in light plastic bags (like the ones you get your clothing back from the cleaners in).

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Make it All Fit in a Carry On!

Thankfully I’m mailing my bridesmaid dress ahead of time so my sister’s wedding planner could get it steamed for the big day. But I do have to bring it along to the next island and back home after in my carry-on.

The dress takes up roughly ½ of the carry on, so that leaves me half a carry on for everything else.

In My Bag: Packing for a Destination Wedding

Always remember lists are great and being prepared is doubly so, but if it won’t fit you can always buy stuff there. I know I’m planning on buying sunscreen there.

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