Birthday Musings

Birthday Musings

This is a break from the regularly scheduled DIY tutorials, travel tips and style posts. Every now and then (usually around the new year), I take some time to reflect. The reason for these birthday musings is because I turned twenty-five last week. I’m a quarter of a century old now!

Is twenty-five a milestone birthday? What’s special about the age? I’m officially in my mid-twenties. I think my car insurance premium is supposed to go down now, or is that only a thing for guys since they usually pay a much higher premium than ladies? It’s funny how milestone birthdays are a big deal. Sixteen is big because you can legally drive now. Eighteen is major because you’re an “adult”, but let be real I definitely didn’t feel like one then let alone now.

When I was a kid, I remember thinking I’d have everything was figured out by twenty-five. I laugh at that now. I’m vaguely remember thinking it was the perfect age to have my first child because then I could be a cool young mom when my kids started school. I’m so far from that right now it’s laughable. But I’m really happy I’m not having a kid right now, I’d much rather be a fun aunt and friend who is willing to baby sit.

I think this will be an exciting year for me though. I’m applying to graduate schools this month (cross your fingers and wish me luck please!). So big changes may be on the horizon!

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