Special Delivery!

Special Delivery

Who doesn’t love receiving a special delivery of flowers or a potted plant? Personally, I prefer a potted plant, but I won’t complain if I get either :P. The same can be said if I receive any floral print clothing! It will definitely last longer than any plant I receive because I, unfortunately, do not have a green thumb.

Special Delivery

I love the new botanical spin on it this year, but my go to is usually a classic floral print. Some prints can look juvenile, try sticking to darker colors to counter this. While other prints look too busy. Each person is different, some will look great with pieces with small print, while others will be overwhelmed by a print too large. Use your best judgement and if all else fails, stick to something medium sized like I do!

Floral print tops are easiest to try the trend with. Because often we’re more conscious of our muffin top, wide hips or so on, bottoms are difficult to feel comfortable in right away because the print does draw more attention than something simple or solid. An even easier way to try floral print is a dress because you don’t have to think about what to wear it with. Simply throw it on and go, maybe add on a denim jacket or other neutral staple.

Special Delivery

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