In My Bag: Weekend Camping Packing List

Weekend Camping Packing List

I’m heading to Pismo Beach and San Luis Obispo for the long weekend to go camping with some friends! Packing is a pain. Sometimes I love doing it because I know I’m about to go somewhere amazing and taking the time to smartly pack will make the trip that much more awesome. Other times I’m so over it, I don’t want to think about all the little things I have to pack but inevitably forget to. Packing for camping is one of those times where I think it’s a big pain. Especially because I’m the one with most of the camping gear down to the tent and have to remember to pack it while the rest of my friends simply pack their clothes and maybe some hiking gear for the trip.

I’ve done it year after year, trip after trip, packing from memory and always needing to buy more things once we arrive at the campsite. But this year I’m putting a stop to it by compiling an ultimate weekend camping packing list for my reference and now yours!

This is meant for car camping trips that last only a few days. This by no means in comprehensive enough for longer trips or for backpacking trips. And car camping for those of you who may not know is when you can drive straight to your campsite. There is no walk or hike into your tent’s end destination. This usually means there are bathrooms, showers and paved roads where you will be car camping. So we’re only half roughing it.

Camping Packing Lists

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