Weekend Away: Bachelorette Weekend Planning Tips

Bachelorette Weekend Planning Tips

I’ve recently returned from a fun-filled bachelorette weekend that I organized for my sister in New Orleans. I spent months planning it and thought I’d share some helpful bachelorette weekend planning tips for anyone trying to plan a successful trip for a group of people they may not know very well or at all.

If you’ve ever planning a trip for yourself before, you know how stressful it can be. From the travel arrangements and finding a centrally located accommodations to planning a rough itinerary for when you arrive; it takes time and energy to put together a trip you’ll enjoy.  Now take that and times it by ten when you plan a bachelorette weekend because you’re trying to plan a trip that ten other strangers will enjoy as well.

Bachelorette Weekend Planning Tips
Pit stop at one of the oldest bars (or maybe the oldest bar…) in New Orleans during our walking tour!

Keep It Simple

Because I didn’t know most of the group, I kept all the activities we did generic and simple. Everyone likes food, learning a little about the city they’re visiting with a splash of something unusual. Each day had a similar format where I scheduled a brunch for us to fuel up for the day, one tourist activity afterwards, some free time and then dinner.

The one big thing I didn’t factor in was how tiring the humid heat was at New Orleans (it was my first time there and I had no idea), so I should have even scheduled in more free time for us to go back to the house to rest. Often the tour I booked lasted all afternoon, so by the time we got back to the house we had to start getting ready for dinner right away.

Bachelorette Weekend Planning Tips
Some people needed a break from the heat so we randomly stopped at a nearby bar with air conditioning. It turned into a 30 minute stop with the most entertaining bartender we met all weekend!

Be Flexible

Sometimes you won’t make a dinner reservation. Be okay with it and ready to call to cancel. Be careful of restaurants that require a credit card to secure the reservation though! Because they may charge for last minute cancellations or changes.

Plan for group activities, but allow for others to go do their own thing as well. Sometimes some people may really want to eat craw-fish, while others want a po-boy. Being flexible allows for unexpected great things to happen.

Bachelorette Weekend Planning Tips

Try to Have Fun

I felt like such a nag all weekend, constantly going around the house giving five minute warnings or needing to be the sheep dog corralling the group to the next destination so we all made it to the tours. But take some time for yourself and allow someone else to help you. You’re all there to have fun and celebrate the (wo)man of the hour, so try to let go and enjoy the short time you all get to spend together.

Bachelorette Weekend Planning Tips

Useful Apps

Splitwise-  it was incredibly helpful for us when splitting the cost of food and uber rides around the city. It takes a little time to figure out how to use it, but once you get the hang of it, it’s a game changer!

Uber/Lyft– being able to see in real time when you’re ride is coming is drastically more helpful than calling a taxi and getting an estimate. This is especially true for when half the group is still getting ready and saying “I’ll be down in a minute!”.

Airbnb– or any vacation house rental app really. Being able to get ready together in one place rather than in a few separate hotel rooms made the trip that much more fun!

Yelp/TripAdvisor– I’ve never been to New Orleans before, I had no idea what restaurants were good, or where to go. These helped me choose the places we ate and the tours we went on.

Groupon/LivingSocial– Once I found the tours I wanted us to go on, I looked here to see if there was any discount available!

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