DIY Travel Luggage Accessory Round-Up

diy travel luggage accessory round-up

There’s tons of great DIY travel accessory round-ups out there on the internet, many of my favorite are created by Buzzfeed. But I haven’t found a good list specifically for luggage so I wanted to share with you all my favorites tutorials that I’ve used to make my own versions or intend to make in the future.

DIY Travel Luggage Accessory Round-Up

DIY Travel Luggage Accessory Round-Up

Make your luggage stand out from other when you’re waiting at baggage claim with

If you’re like me, you’ll want to protect your precious suitcase from  dings, stains and rain with:

Can’t fit everything into your luggage? DIY some attachments so you can pack more!

  • DIY a buckle device to hold onto that bulky jacket or heavy tote. There’s a version you can buy on Amazon if you’d rather not DIY it.
  • Add a luggage strap to a tote  or bag to secure it better to your rolling case.


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