Weekend Away: Coachella – 4 Essential Festival Tips


I’m back from a wonderful weekend away to Indio for Coachella. I thought I’d share with you all five essential festival tips. I’ve only been to Coachella twice now but am no newbie to music festivals in general. Many of the same things apply to all music festivals:


Be Prepared
Stay hydrated, check in with yourself and keep an eye out for your friends. With the heat, all the walking, drinking, and other recreational activities it can all take a toll on your body.


Periodically Make Meet up Points

It’s easy to get lost in the big crowds. With large crowds that often means cell phone service doesn’t work so instead of draining your phone battery trying to make calls or send messages, set up meeting points so you’re not alone the entire time.


Be Spontaneous + Explore
I bet you don’t know every act performing the entire weekend of the festival. Choose a new artist you’ve never heard before and give them a chance. You never know, they may end up being your new favorite artist.


Pace Yourself + Take Breaks
I know I said it in my first point, but be sure to check in with yourself. You want to make it through the entire weekend, not TKO after one night and limp through the rest of the weekend.  Take a break from the dust and heat. Lounge by the pool to cool off! You paid hundreds of dollars for that ticket, make it worthwhile by enjoying the entire weekend!

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