Life Lessons Learned from 2 Years of Blogging

Life Lessons Learned from 2 Years of Blogging

How the time flies, I can’t believe I’ve had Right Where I Left Off for two years now! In the past two years I’ve learned a lot technically and personally from blogging. Sometimes I’m not sure why I keep blogging, but most days I enjoy making and sharing the content that goes up weekly. I wanted to share with you some of the life lessons learned from my time blogging on my 2nd blog anniversary!

Life Lessons Learned from 2 Years of Blogging

The Good

Having a creative outlet – this was the whole reason for starting my blog. It’s half journal sharing my life and the creative parts of it as a means to balance the more mundane part of my life.

Consistency learning to create consistent content and writing is a skill I’ll carry with me throughout all spectrums of my life.

Efficiency- blogging can be a part-time job on its own. Being efficient is key when you’re juggling a full-time job, sometimes a part-time job and this blog. Not including everyday life- running errands, hanging out with friends, exercising, etc.

Joining a genuine and caring community- I stumbled across a few genuine communities fill with people who care about what’s going on in your corner of the internet. It’s reaffirming and motivating to keep the blog going. I also committed myself to a three-year contract for self-hosting, so I know RWILO will be going for at least two more!


The Bad

Self-Doubt- like I said, sometimes I wonder if anyone is even reading this. Or find my tutorials helpful. But generally, I enjoy sharing them too much to care thankfully!

Consistency- it can be hard to be consistent. And sometimes I drop the ball. But I see it as an opportunity to learn and come up with better ways to be efficient and consistent.

Superficial Blogging Community- blogs have been a thing for a long time before I started one. When I first started it was for fun, but over the past two years, I could see that more and more people were monetizing their blogs. I done right is not a problem but when done wrong made it feel superficial and no longer genuine. This led to superficial blogging communities where everyone was out for themselves looking to make money, not great content.

Playing the Game- I’ll confess. I got swept up in the idea of making a ton of money from my blog starting with my first sponsored post. That’s how I found the superficial blogging communities and quickly realize that was not the way I wanted to run RWILO and I did not want any readers (the few of you out there, hi!) to feel used or like I was a smarmy car salesman pushing products on you. I’d rather grow my audience organically and slowly.

If you made it through this all woo-hoo! So happy that you did, I’d love to hear any thoughts you have on Right Where I Left Off. Any improvements I can make, anything you love and want me to keep doing. Post in the comment section below or shoot me an email at Or give me a shout through any of my social media (instagram, facebook, pinterest, twitter)


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