Classics with a Twist

Classics with a Twist

As I grow older, I’m drawn more and more to classic items. Choosing to add pieces to my wardrobe that I know will look fresh years down the line rather than go for the trendy neon it-piece of the season. I think it’s especially great when I find classics with a twist! Like with tweeds. It started with humble beginning, being made for the working class but is now often associated with the extra posh or stuffy professors who wear tweed jackets but has had several iterations of their version of classic with a twist (Rihanna in 2014 anyone?)

Tweed Wrap Dress | Tweed Zipper Skirt | Tweed Brogues | Tweed Clutch

Classics with a Twist

The most classic of all fabrics has got to be denim! Everyone wears it and there’s endless ways to make this classic with a twist!

Denim Trench | Denim Backpack | Denim Espadrilles

What are some classic you think of that have been reimagined? Got any that you think shouldn’t be messed with? I’d love to hear about them in the comment section below!

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