How Do I Wear This??: Layering Dresses + Shirts

How Do I Wear This??: Layering Dresses + Shirts

The weather has definitely warmed up here in California, but not enough to be able to wear all my sundresses sans a second layer. I’ve gotten tired of the endless cardigans and jackets I layer over my dresses and I thought there’s bound to be others who are too. So here’s some inspiration for layering dresses over shirts instead! You may feel juvenile; it brings me back to my school days where we weren’t allowed to wear shirts or dresses that didn’t completely cover our shoulders. It was common to see girls wearing a tee under a tank top because of this. But I think it layered the right way you can go from juvenile to chic.

Keep it classic with some lace and stripes. Tip: Layer dresses over shirts that have the same neckline!

Striped Shirt | Lace Slip | Flatform Sandals | Fan Earrings

How Do I Wear This??: Layering Dresses + Shirts

Channel your inner 90’s child and Cher from Clueless with some plaid and mary jane-esque shoes.  Tip: Prevent extra bulk by choosing thinner shirts to layer underneath.

Plaid Dress | Cropped Grey Long-Sleeve | Cat Crossbody | Pointed Block Heels

How Do I Wear This??: Layering Dresses + Shirts

I know I said in a previous tip to try matching the necklines for the shirts and dresses, but the one caveat to that is when you layer a turtleneck or mock-neck underneath. It’d be silly to layer a dress and shirt that are both turtlenecks or mock-necks!

Eyelet Sundress | Turtleneck | Ankle Boots | Necklace

How do you hack the transition from winter into spring? I’d love to hear about them in the comment section below!

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