Travel Coin DIY Round-Up

Travel Coin DIY Round-Up

At the end of my trip last year I ended up with a lot of foreign coins that wasn’t worth the fee to exchange for US currency, so I kept them. I added them to my growing collection of foreign coins that sit sadly in a jar collecting dust. I didn’t know what to do with them until I found some awesome DIY tutorials on Pinterest and the internet in general that I plan on trying out with some of my coins. They’re great ways to transform coins into some souvenirs so I thought I’d create a Travel Coin DIY Round-Up for my reference and yours!

Travel Coin DIY Round-Up

Put a Ring on It!

DIY Ready How To Make Coin Rings a US quarter is used in the tutorial

Create Some Arm Candy

Rings and Things’ Souvenir Penny Bracelet a US penny is used, but I can easily see this working for any value coin

Crafts Unleashed’s Repurposed Foreign Coin DIY Charm Braceletuse all your coins in one go! Or make one charm to add to your current charm bracelet with this tutorial.

Wrap It Up

Scribd How to Wire Wrap a Coin Pendant Tutorial – this looks useful for wrapping flat rocks too!

This Fashion is Mine’s DIY Coin Necklace – very minimalistic and chic jewelry tutorial.

Frame Them

Indigo Amethyst Coin Art– I need to keep collecting coins in order to do this tutorial.

Bigger Than the Three of Us’ Repurposed Travel Coins to Art – I never realized how beautiful coins are. Thanks to this helpful tutorial, now I do!

Make a Keychain with Them

Intimate Weddings’ Lucky Penny Charms– similar to the other penny tuotiral , but I liked these instructions too.

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