Embroidery Thread Bracelet

Embroidery Thread Bracelet

Since I’ve come back from my trip abroad, I’ve focused on making simple DIY’s that are fast and easy to make. I’m trying to use the materials I have on hand, instead of going out to buy new things every time. I came across Mollie Make’s embroidery floss necklace tutorial and was inspired to make a bracelet version.


Embroidery Thread Bracelet

Embroidery floss | Lobster Clasps | Jump Rings | Jewelry Pliers | Wire Cutters30 Gauge Jewelry Wire

Note: You are welcome to use metal accessories to create variety between different bracelets. 


Knotted Bracelet 

Embroidery Thread Bracelet

Cut thirty 12″ strands of embroidery floss. Cut a 4″ piece of jewelry wire.

Embroidery Thread Bracelet

Gather your strands and string through one jump ring and fold over.

Embroidery Thread BraceletEmbroidery Thread Bracelet

Wrap the jewelry wire around to secure floss into place. Trim away excess floss.

Embroidery Thread Bracelet

Make four knots about 1/4″ apart.

Embroidery Thread Bracelet

Separate the floss into three equal sections, then braid the remainder of the bracelet.

Gather your strands at the end to string to a jump ring. Fold over and secure in place with the jewelry wire.

Embroidery Thread Bracelet

Attach lobster clasp and you’re done!

Braided Bracelet

Embroidery Thread Bracelet

Cut twenty 8″ strands of embroidery floss.

Follow the same instructions for securing the strands in place with jewelry wire.

Braid the floss together and secure the other end with a jump ring and jewelry wire.

Attach a charm or any metal accessory you’d like. I chose to put on a connector bar.

Finish off by adding a lobster clasp!

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