How Do I Wear This??: Socks + Sandals

How Do I Wear This??: Socks + Sandals

Wearing socks and sandals together is considered a major fashion faux pas, but sometimes I want to wear my sandals in the winter! I get the reasoning behind why some people like to wear socks with sandals though. Sometimes it’s too cold for the sandal alone, but too hot for a full shoe coverage. My only option is to pair some socks and sandals together.

The easiest way to wear them together without looking overly cheesy is to keep them in the same family of color. Choose a color from your heels and match socks to them. I eased into trying the trend of socks and sandals by chosing to match my socks to the subtle grey on my heels.

H&M Sweater (similar) | Ankle Cropped Pants | Lucky Necklace (similar) | Socks (similar) | Trouve Heels (similar)

How Do I Wear This??: Socks + Sandals

To keep it from looking like you’re wearing sports socks and sandals, choose fashion socks to mix and match with instead. Maybe pick a pair with a graphic design on it. Or choose a pair with fun embellishments.

Don’t be afraid to wear some bright colored shoes either! I only dipped my toe into it with a little color, choosing to go the neutral route, but trying this trend is brave and loud. Draw some extra attention to it with some beautiful color combinations while you’re at it! Some of my favorite color combos are orange with shades of blue and teals, and pinks with purples and greys. Don’t overwhelm your feet with too much color though, ease back on the sock graphics if your shoes are a rainbow of color.

Check out other socks + sandals combos I love:

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