How Do I Wear This??: Birkenstock Clogs

How Do I Where This??: Birkenstock Clogs

So the Birkenstock sandals have made a comeback a while ago, now the new grandma shoe to be making its way into trend are the Birkenstock clogs. Which makes me happy because these shoes are insanely comfy and give my poor, abused feet a nice break from shoes that pinch. I bought a pair of Birkenstock London clogs last year because I prefer to have backs that allow the shoes to be secured to my feet over clogs that slide on and off.

Unless you naturally embrace this polarizing footwear it can be tough to figure out how to style them. So I figured I’d put together an edition of How Do I Wear This?? focusing on these clogs for the winter. They aren’t so scary after you’ve worn them a few times, I swear!

Look One: Birkenstocks with Cropped Pants

How Do I Where This??: Birkenstock Clogs

Because these are clunky shoes, it’s better to prevent adding on more weight around them by wearing cropped pants. You can also try skinny jeans or leggings to mix things up. And of course wear them with socks during this winter season, I love wearing my thermal socks with them to keep extra toasty.

Cable Sweater (similar) | Embellished Vest (similar) | Gap 1969 Jeans | Thermal Socks | Birkenstock London

Look Two: Birkenstocks with Graphic Socks

How Do I Where This??: Birkenstock Clogs

Turtleneck (similar) | Joe Jeans | Leopard Print Socks (similar) | DIY Rope Necklace | Birkenstock London

Another way I like to wear these clogs is with fun, graphic socks. My favorite pair of socks to wear them with are leopard print socks. You can’t go wrong with such a classic print!

How do you style your clogs? Or know of any other fugly shoes that are making a comeback? (I hear Uggs are trying!) Or want to see me feature a certain trend for the next How Do I Wear This?? post? I’d love to hear about it in the comment section below. In the meantime, check out some of graphic socks I want to wear with my Birks this season:

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  1. Those shoes are great and you styled them in a fun way. FYI – you misspelled “wear” in the title on the post. Just wanted to give you a heads up 🙂