How Do I Wear This??: Trench Vest

HDIWT??: Trench Vest

When I was traveling around Europe I came across this awesome trench vest in Vienna. I didn’t really have the extra space in my bag for it, but I made it work and lugged it around for the rest of the trip because I loved it so much. I never got a chance to wear it because I couldn’t figure out how to style it with my limited wardrobe that I had brought along then.

The minute I came home I went through my full closet to figure out how to wear this trench vest, but it wasn’t as easy as I anticipated. Since I had such a hard time, I figured others might have some trouble too, so I thought I’d share some tips on how to wear a trench vest. Funnily enough, both outfits are made up of almost all items I purchased while I was traveling!

Trench Vest Look One:

HDIWT??: Trench Vest

Bershka Vest (similar) | F21 Graphic Tee (similar) | Pimkie Distressed Jeans (similar) | Bershka Loafers (similar)

You can style it casually with some jeans and a tee. I think it’s important to wear the vest over something with sleeves (whether it is short or long is up to you). Since the vest is long it’s also important to be aware of where the hem of the jeans or pants you choose to wear ends. As a height challenged person, I chose ankle cropped jeans to help me with proportions.

HDIWT??: Trench Vest

Trench Vest Look Two:

HDIWT??: Trench Vest

Bershka Dress (similar) | Bershka Vest (similar) | Chinese Laundry Heels (similar) | Pendant Necklace (similar)

For a look a step up from casual perfect for the fall, pair the vest with a long-sleeve dress. I suggest wearing a dress that is about the same length or shorter than the trench vest. Pairing it with a longer skirt would cause the vest to cut you off at an odd place on your body, making you look shorter.

Here are a few trench vests I’m a fan of for this season. And some of them are on sale right now!

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