Trip Recap Part I: Germany + Austria

Trip Recap Part 1


Trip Recap Part 1
Reichstag, Berlin


Trip Recap Part 1
Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe

Picking up from my previous travel updates, we had left Prague on a morning train to Berlin. It was amazing to see all the monuments and memorials dedicated to Germany’s dark time in history in this capital city. Yet the city had an alternative vibe that meshed with the monuments and showed how much growth it’s undergone since then.

Trip Recap Part 1
Trabi World, Berlin

There’s so many tourist attractions from museums to memorials, it was extremely important to take breaks from it all to not get museum fatigue (it’s a very real thing).

Trip Recap Part 1
East Side Gallery, Berlin


Here we had some interaction with the city’s part in the Second World War, but we found the city focused more on its proud Bavarian roots.

Trip Recap Part 1
Augustiner Beer Hall, Munich

There are tons of beer halls with great traditional food, seek out the ones that locals go to, you’ll end up rubbing elbows with them during your meal and have a truly authentic experience.

We were too early for Oktoberfest, but were able to go to the grounds and take a look at the setup. I definitely want to go back one day during that time.

Trip Recap Part 1
Miss Bavaria Statue, Munich

This was the last city Addy and I were together and we were both very excited to split because she finally got to see her boyfriend (who was going to continue traveling with her) and I got to try out solo traveling. My time with her made me so much more comfortable because I had a better grasp of traveling from city to city and quickly adapting to new surroundings.


Trip Recap Part 1
Schonbrunn Palace, Vienna


Trip Recap Part 1
Albertina Museum, Vienna
Trip Recap Part 1
Museum Quarter, Vienna

Vienna felt almost too perfect. All the museums were so perfectly curated, the gardens and parks in the city perfectly manicured, overall it was the perfect city to start my solo travels in because I felt so safe and wasn’t too overwhelmed by an overly giant metropolitan city.

Trip Recap Part 1
Hundertwasser Apts, Vienna

If you’re going to spend three or more days in Vienna and want to take full advantage of all it has to offer I suggest looking into the Vienna Pass. It was due to this pass that I discovered the artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser, who was a true genius with color and composition at the Kunst Haus Wien museum. The pass allowed me to save a ton of money (more tips on that in a later post this month) on all the main attractions in Vienna. If you do buy it, I suggest thoroughly looking at all the attractions that it covers and making a rough itinerary so you don’t miss out of any tours and guided times visits that the pass covers in addition to admission to certain attractions.

Trip Recap Part 1
UN Headquarters, Vienna

I felt like at each new city, I mostly stuck to the main attractions because it was my first time and I’d be remiss to skip them. I definitely want to go back and find the hidden gems, if you know of any in the cities I covered in this post give me a shout in the comment section below! I’d love to hear about them.

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