In My Bag: Canada + NYC

In My Bag: Canada + NYC

Since I’ve started this blog, I’ve only shared my weekend trips (mainly because I have not gone on any trips that last longer than a weekend), but I will be catching a red-eye tonight for a week-long vacation to Canada and NYC. It’s been almost two years since I’ve gone on a vacation, now suddenly I have several extended trips coming up in the next few months.

In My Bag: Canada + NYC

I feel extremely lucky to be able to afford to travel, but I never like to pack because I’m a serial over-packer. For this trip I’m trying my best to fit it all in a carrying on because I’m perpetually scared the airline will lose my luggage, then I’d lose my favorite what’s-it that I had packed in it. There’s an overload of articles helping travelers fit everything   into a carry on case, but it usually utilizes packing pieces you’ll mix and match to wear again. I love the idea, but I’m willing to admit that I hate repeating outfits within a certain amount of time.

I’ve challenged myself to not repeat outfits for an entire school year before, but that only worked because I had access to several of my roommates’ closets. I still do it now with just my closet, but only for periods of a few months. So for this trip I’ve challenged myself to pack light, but have distinct, unique outfits for each day. I’m still utilizing the mix and matching technique so many people preach, but switching a white shirt with a grey one feels like cheating so I stepped it up with a change of accessories and so on.

I found the key to packing for a 10 day trip in a carry on isn’t too difficult if you plan out your outfits ahead of time and cut back on the number of shoes and outerwear packed. I’m lucky that the weather is nice so I’m packing summer dresses and other lightweight garments that aren’t extremely bulky. There will be some rain and a few colder days but I plan on wearing my raincoat and heaviest shoes onto the plane rather than trying to pack them into the carry on.

Stay tuned to my Instagram (@meeshn) this coming week for fun snippets of my trip and to see whether I pulled off 10+ distinct outfits!

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