DIY Shoe + Laundry Bags

DIY Shoe + Laundry Bags

I’m very excited to say that I will be backpacking Europe in a few months after months of planning! It almost doesn’t feel real, it feels like I’m a travel agent booking accommodations and trains for someone else. Now that it’s getting closer to my trip I’m starting to figure out what to pack, trying to find the right bag (backpack or rolling bag?) and packing cubes, etc. I usually pack my shoes and dirty laundry into plastic shopping bags, but since this trip is going to be longer I wanted to make more durable, reusable ones. I was inspired by Kate Spade’s adorable drawstring bags when making these DIY shoe + laundry bags.


DIY Shoe + Laundry Bags

1 yd canvas natural fabric – this makes two shoe bags and one large laundry bag

1 yd lining material – choose whatever type of fabric you’d like. I chose a darker cotton that would mask dirt marks or stains from the shoes.

3 yds rope or ribbon– for the drawstring closure. Depending on how long you like your closures to be, you may want more ribbon.

Fabric Paint Medium | Acrylic Paint | Brush + Palette | Cardboard


I used the adorable A Cup of Thuy’s tutorial to make the drawstring bags. For the shoe bags I made them 8″ x 14″ pieces, the laundry bag 17″ x 18″. These are arbitrary measurements that I found suited me best. You are welcome to choose whatever dimensions you want for your bags.

After finishing the bags, insert the piece of cardboard into each drawstring bag to prevent the paint from seeping through one layer to the next.

Outline your words in pencil to figure out placing and size before painting them on.

DIY Shoe + Laundry Bags

Mix 1 part paint medium to 2 parts acrylic paint.

Paint in your penciled in outline. It may take a few layers of paint to get the words fully painted in.

Allow time to dry then go use your new DIY travel bags!

DIY Shoe + Laundry Bags

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