DIY Pintucked Duvet Cover

DIY Pintucked Duvet Cover

Like with my style, I tend to switch things up with my bedspread every few months. I had spruced things up with some pillow covers in the winter, and now for the spring I wanted to change my duvet cover and my decorative pillows.  I did not, however, want to spend a ton of money to do so, I decided to DIY my own duvet cover.

DIY Pintucked Duvet Cover 

Instead of spending $70+ on a duvet cover set, I decided to spend less than half of that making my own.


2 queen flat sheets – choose one size up that coordinates with your bed size. I have a full so I chose queen sheets. It was slightly too large so I had to take them down a few inches at the top, but that wasn’t hard work.

Straight Pins or Safety Pins – to mark where your pin-tucks will be.

Sewing Machine + Coordinating Thread


Follow the directions from View Along the Way for where to mark your sheets. Instead of doing the entire sheet, I only did three rows.

I originally used straight pins to mark on the sheets where to put the pin tucks, but realized that they couldn’t easily fall out if I wanted to fold the sheets up and complete the project at a later time, so I switched to safety pins after the first row.

DIY Pintucked Duvet Cover

I found that to keep the pin tucks uniform, I measured it so that I sewed it a 1/4″ in.

After sewing all your pin tucks, sew the two sheets together and put on your new duvet cover. I found this video to be very helpful!

DIY Pintucked Duvet Cover

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