How Do I Wear This??: Festival Clothes IRL

HDIWT??- Festival Clothes IRL

We are in the thick of festival season. In all the trendy stores there are racks and racks of “festival gear” that is a range of clothing and accessories that are fringed, flowy, cropped, and bohemian inspired. I’m the first person to confess that for some of the clothing items I could not imagine wearing it anywhere but at a festival where short shorts and crop tops and I usually will buy festival specific clothing expecting to only wear it one or two times max.

But that seems like such a waste and unsustainable, so I now try my best to buy clothing that is versatile enough to be worn outside of festivals as well. For those of you struggling to justify buying something that you think you’l only wear once, this post is for you! I’ve styled a couple key pieces that are very typical festival items in the hopes of helping others who may be struggling with outfits to wear IRL (in real life).

Breaking down this typical festival outfit/what I wore to Rock in Rio last weekend:

   HDIWT??- Festival Clothes IRL

Crops Tops or Bralettes:

HDIWT??- Festival Clothes IRL

Crop tops and bralettes have been a major trend for the last few years now.
Keep it classy by pairing it with a sheer, but demure top that will allow your bralette to show through, but isn’t showing as much skin.

Print Maxi Skirts or Palazzo Pants:

HDIWT??- Festival Clothes IRL

They’re similar in that they fully cover your legs and often these pants look like skirts when you stand with their legs together, so I decided to group them together in this post.

When wearing it at a festival you may pair it with a crop top and body chain like I originally intended last week, but when I want to wear it at non-festival events, I’d pair it with a more conservative top tucked in.

Items not covered:

There are tons and tons of other items I could have covered, but I wanted to cover the major ones that I have noticed and had in my own closet. I did see other great examples of how to wear things outside of festivals so I thought I’d link to them for you all to refer to because I wanted to be thorough.

Kimonos  – at a festivalIRL

Short Shorts – at a festival | IRL

Maxi Dresses –  at a festival | IRL

Wide Brim Hats –  at a festivalIRL

Gladiator Sandals –  at a festival | IRL

Fringed Shirts – at a festivalIRL

Graphic Muscle Tee – at a festivalIRL

Items that I can’t figure out:

Maybe these are lost causes and can only be worn at festivals, at pool parties, etc. Or maybe you have an idea, I’d love to hear about it in the comment section below!

Flash tattoos | Sheer Skirts over Underwear

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