DIY Ikea Bathmat

DIY Ikea Bathmat

I was at IKEA a few weeks ago and came across their super cheap NÄCKTEN bathmat. I was looking to replace one in my bathroom but hadn’t come across anything I really loved. So when I came across the plain, white rug I thought it was a perfect rug that could be customized easily.


DIY Ikea Bathmat

Fabric Paint Medium– any brand will work.

Paint Brushes – or some foam brushes will work too. I used paint brushes because it was easier to get the paint into the corners of the triangles easily.

Acrylic Paint – choose whichever colors you want.

Permanent Marker – or a fabric paint marker.


Masking Tape or Painter’s Tape (optional)


DIY Ikea Bathmat

Figure out what you want on your rug, trace and cut it out of the cardboard. I kept mine simple with a large diamond. I was inspired by this woven wall hanging.

DIY Ikea Bathmat

Use your permanent marker to trace out the design onto the mat. To make sure your design is centered I would suggest making a grid with the masking tape. Because my design was so simple and only went straight across the middle I didn’t make a grid.

DIY Ikea Bathmat

Mix the fabric paint and acrylic paints together. Use your brushes to dab the paint onto the mat. Because the mat isn’t very plush it doesn’t take long for the paint to soak in, but to make sure all the mat’s fibers get the paint I used a paint brush to dig into the rug and push the paint into each area.

DIY Ikea Bathmat

Once you’ve painted all the areas in go back with the permanent marker to retrace the outline. If you’d rather use black paint to trace over the outline, that would work too. I found I had better control with the marker.

Use the marker to color the border around the rug and add the text. I went over the words two to three times for certain letters to make sure the coloring was even.

Allow all the paint to dry, then go put your mat in your bathroom!

DIY Ikea Bathmat

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Note: Occasionally, I use affiliate links on this site. This in no way affects my editorial decisions. Clicking the links allows me to earn a small commission that is used to help offset the costs of running this site.

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