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Most of my friends know that I love naps and can take a nap anytime, anywhere. However, recently I’ve been having trouble sleeping when there’s even a little bit on light around me. To fix this problem, I made myself a quilted sleep mask from the fabric scraps of my pillow covers. Since everyone needs their beauty sleep, this DIY version would be perfect as a last minute gift this holiday season or to keep for yourself.

When I got my sewing machine back in high school, I was gifted Amy Butler’s Sew-It Kit which has various easy sewing projects for beginners. As a beginner those projects all looked far too intimidating to try, especially the quilted sleep mask project. Now that I’ve gained more experience over the years, learning to create the simple quilted pattern on fabric wasn’t as hard as I thought.


I didn’t follow the exact directions from the Amy Butler sleep mask project and ended up skipping some steps and adding a few of my own.



1/4 yard of material that you want the front of the sleep mask to be- I used scrap fabric from when I made some pillow covers.

1/4 yard of material that you want the back of your sleep mask to be- this fabric will be the one touching your face so be sure to get something not too scratchy and comfortable to sleep with. I used leftover knit fabric.

1/4 yard of batting or stiffer material (optional)- I originally was going to use a stiff piece of interfacing, but didn’t end up using any because my other fabric choices were both stiff and thick enough to do without the extra padding. If you don’t want to bother with batting, I suggest you use thicker materials for this project.

1/4 yard of muslin (optional) – this is to help you create the diamond quilted design if you are not comfortable free handing it.

Coordinating thread – or contrasting thread to you for the quilting design. I used black thread for the entire project.

Sewing Machine – you can do this by hand, but it is much faster to do with a sewing machine.

Elastic or ribbon – I used elastic because I thought that would feel more secure on my head.



Cut 12 inch by 6 inch pieces of each fabric. (You should have 1 front facing fabric piece, 1 back facing fabric piece and the optional 1 batting or interface piece, and optional muslin fabric piece.)

To create the diamond quilting for the front facing piece you can either use a muslin piece to mark out the diamond quilted design with a fabric pencil or you can choose to go without.


If you choose to use a muslin piece, use a ruler to mark out diagonal lines that are 1/2 inches apart. Pin the muslin to the wrong side of the front facing piece and sewing straight lines following your marked pattern.


If you choose to skip the muslin step like I did you also start from the center and sew a straight diagonal line. I found that the measurement of the sewing foot is a 1/2 inch, so instead of needing to mark up a pattern you can line up the edge of the foot to the line you just sewed to make your next diagonal line. Make sure to set your needle to the far left when doing this.

If you are using the muslin or not, I suggest that you start sewing from a center diagonal and work your way out from both sides. I found that it’s easier to control the fabric that way.

When you finish sewing diagonal lines in one direction, turn your fabric upside-down to sewing diagonal lines in the other direction to create the diamond shape.


You can choose to create the diamond quilted pattern on the back facing piece as well, but the fabric I chose to use already had a different quilted design on it, so I chose not too.


Because I was sort of following the instructions from Amy Butler’s sleep mask project, I used the sleep mask pattern that came with it. I suggest using this free superhero mask template to create the sleep mask pattern for yourself by adding a half inch seam allowance around it.

Use the sleep mask pattern to cut out piece from the front facing fabric and the back facing fabric and the optional batting.


Pin the wrong sides of the front facing fabric and back facing fabric together with the optional batting sandwiched in between them. Also pin one side of the elastic or ribbon piece sandwiched between the pieces with the majority of the elastic or ribbon in the body of the sleep mask.

Sew around the edge of the sleep mask using the half inch seam allowance. Leave a few inches open on the side so you can turn the mask right side out.

Turn the mask right side out, attach the elastic or ribbon to the other side of the mask and sew it closed.

Now go take a nap in your new sleep mask!


I love my customized sleep mask because it feels like it’s dressing up my basic tee and sweats that I wear to bed everynight. But if you’re not into making your own sleep mask, try taking one of these for a spin.

Who wouldn’t feel instantly more glamorous in Holly Golightly’s sleep mask? Or dream the night away under the stars.

Questions? Confused about any of the step? Ask them in the comment section below and I’ll try my best to help you out.


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Note: Occasionally, I use affiliate links on this site. This in no way affects my editorial decisions. Clicking the links allows me to earn a small commission that is used to help offset the costs of running this site.

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  1. Finally I got it what I was looking for . I made this mask by following your pattern. This mask is certainly padded enough, and does a fairly good job of fitting the face to block out light. Thanks for this.