DIY Blanket Cardigan

DIY Blanket Cardigan

Blanket scarves and coats are all the rage right now. But they’re insanely expensive to buy, so I decided to make my own version a few weeks ago from a blanket I purchased at a thrift store. I wore it for a night out in San Francisco and it was the best thing ever; I felt so warm and cozy.


DIY Blanket Cardigan

Blanket – mine was a throw blanket that was 50″ x 60″ with fringe on two sides. I suggest a longer one if you want longer sleeves. Or a wider one if you want the cardigan to be longer.

Coordination yarn – I couldn’t find a matching green yarn so I had to settle on a blue one that matched the blue in the blanket. You definitely won’t use an entire skein, so choose one that you like and can see yourself using for other projects.

Darning Needles – I used size 13 needles because my yarn was super bulky (this is a type of yarn, not my way of describing it for all you non-yarnaholics)


DIY Blanket Cardigan

Cut about 10 inches of the coordinating yarn and thread through needle.

DIY Blanket Cardigan

Fold blanket in half length wise. Measure the halfway mark on the half of the blanket and use something to mark it with. I used a black bobby pin, you can try using a straight pin if you prefer.

DIY Blanket Cardigan

Thread the yarn through the two layers of blanket. If your blanket also has fringe make sure to separate them out and untangle them before sewing the two pieces together.

DIY Blanket Cardigan

When stitching along the blanket make sure to separate out the fringe between each stitch. You can remove the fringe before sewing the blanket together because I ended up taking the fringe off the arm opening area after I finished sewing, but at the time I wasn’t sure if I wanted to keep the fringe or not.

DIY Blanket Cardigan

I used an overcast stitch to start and finish the ends of the section of blanket I sewed together. In between I used the invisible stitch.

DIY Blanket Cardigan

To finish of the ends of the stitch I didn’t want to tie a big knot that may be uncomfortable when wearing the blanket so I chose to slip the end under the overcast stitches instead.

To wear the blanket, you have to roll the ends a bit to create a collar.

DIY Blanket CardiganDIY Blanket CardiganDIY Blanket Cardigan

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