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This month I’ve been organizing eyesores around my living space. The worst eyesore of all were my shoes. I have shoes that I’ve been wearing since middle school (that’s when I stopped growing) and every time someone sees how many shoes I have they say “Are those all your shoes??” in this voice that makes me think that I’m slowly becoming a hoarder and may need to go to a shopaholics anonymous meeting.. Well I’m working on fixing that and last weekend purged my shoe collection of all the tattered, old shoes that were too worn, too small, or too uncomfortable.

It went from this messy collection:


To this:


I also realized I needed to store my shoes away by season because there wasn’t enough shelf space for it all. Sandals were really easy to store away, I’m going to have to figure out how to do my boots when summer comes back around later.




To fit more shoes on the shelves alternate each shoe facing in and out. The curve of the shoes fit into each other and allow for you to fit in at least one more pair.

Use magazines, pool noodles cut down, or any myriad of DIY ideas to prop your boots up and keep their shape. Don’t let it flop over sadly.

Make sure to clean your shoes and sandals before storing them away for the season. You don’t want to come back to them and find that the stain is stuck there forever or the dirt won’t brush off now that it’s been embedded on there for months.

Keep the tissues or cardboard pieces your shoes come with. When you store them away you can use them to help keep the shape of the shoe. It’s always sad to see a shoe ruined by a crease created from improper storage or care. But there’s good news because there are tons of tutorials on the inter-webs meant to help you prevent creases or get rid of them! (note: I haven’t tried this yet, so I don’t know if it really works)

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