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This month I’ve decided to start tackling some major eyesores around the house. First thing I needed to fix was my jewelry organization and nightstand. Ever since the statement necklace trend happened I’ve been at a loss at how to organize them. I’ve been storing them in a tray in my nightstand and I tend not to wear most of it because it’s not in front of my face. I have the bad habit of wearing the things that I readily see and forget about the stuff hidden away in drawers or underneath other jewelry. I also have too much stuff on my nightstand and needed a good de-cluttering session.



I’ve had the cork board during my college dorm years and it has been a staple in my room decor. I realize now that I needed to clean off all the random things I’ve tacked to it over the years and step up my decor game.





I stored the majority of my jewelry in clear bead storage cases that are wonderful and stackable. Over time I’ve accumulated more and more so the cases started to become towers.

I’m able to display my bigger necklaces that won’t fit in cases on a jewelry display wall hanger. And was able to downsize on the jewelry towers by transforming my cork board into a necklace display for my smaller necklaces.


I always had a tangled mess with the smaller, more delicate necklaces that I stored in the cases, so hanging them on the cork board was the perfect solution.

I have a minor obsession with watches that started back in college, so I have quite a collection now. I store them in a three tier container that was meant to display candy. I wanted all my jewelry to be stored in clear cases or out in the open to be able to easily see them all.

I collect and have been gifted shot glasses over the years. I like to use them to store small things like rings and hair pins.

I also keep stud earrings that are missing it’s mate pinned to the cork board.I’m hoping that I’ll find it’s other half one day around the house as I keep cleaning.

If you’re thinking about reorganizing your jewelry don’t be afraid to use unconventional storage ideas. Here are four sources that I pulled inspiration from:

Litt’e Green Notebook’s DIY Necklace Hanger – If I hadn’t found the deer head jewelery hanger on sale, I would have used this DIY to make my own.

I Heart Organizing’s DIY Bracelet Display– If I hadn’t found the three tier candy dishes on sale I would definitely make this. Maybe I will in the future if the dishes break or I get tired of them.

One Good Thing’s Thread Rack Jewelry Organizer– I think it’d be fun to paint the thread rack too!

Pin and Paper’s Ring Display– Great DIY to make your own ring organizer.


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Note: Occasionally, I use affiliate links on this site. This in no way affects my editorial decisions. Clicking the links allows me to earn a small commission that is used to help offset the costs of running this site.

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