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This is a slightly different type of DIY post. I wanted to share the DIY decorative pillows and pillow covers I made the other weekend, but I don’t have a step by step tutorial like I usually do. Instead, I have a few links to the tutorials I used and a few tips to figure out what fabrics to choose and tips when making the pillows.

I use to sleep on a twin sized bed until I upgraded to a full sized bed about a year ago. The pillows from my twin bed no longer fit the bigger one and it was always on my to-do list to either buy or make some decorative pillows to add to my new bed. I was constantly on the lookout for throw pillows that would coordinate with my duvet cover that didn’t cost an arm and a leg. Sadly I never came across anything I truly loved, so I finally made myself set a weekend afternoon aside to make some pillows for my bed.



I was gifted an amazing pillow back in my college days that’s made from an amazing shag/fur/plush fabric that makes it the best pillow to take naps on. It was perfect for a twin bed, but when I upgraded to a full, it looks very lonely. It was not longer being sold when I upgraded to the bigger bed, so I couldn’t buy a second one. Instead, I tried to fix it with my old body pillow, but overall they just look sad and empty.



I couldn’t find a material that was anything similar to the fur pillow, so I had to compensate with two medium throw pillows and a lumbar pillow. I made a cover for the body pillow and now it blends in with the headboard.

Even with all the extra pillow I made there seemed to be something missing so I added my childhood cuddle buddy, Mr. Polar Bear. I don’t sleep with a teddy bear anymore, but I couldn’t bear to throw him away, so he’s been sitting at the top of my closet until this project.



Body Pillow – 2 yards of fabric

Two 20″x20″ Throw Pillows- 1 1/2 yards of fabric

Lumbar Pillow – 1 yard of fabric (I had enough left over to make the piping for the throw pillows)

(You’ll have leftover fabric)


I used Merrick’s Art’s great tutorial to make all the pillows. I adjusted the measurements for the different sized pillows. The link for the DIY piping on her page didn’t work, so I turned to Crazy Little Projects’ tutorial.

I used a variety of fabrics ranging from upholstery to knit fabric. I’ve sewn with non-stretch type fabrics often and am comfortable with them, but knit was a different ballgame. I used tips for sewing knits from Melly Sews post to help.



Don’t be afraid to mix prints and colors when choosing your fabrics. And don’t expect the colors to match perfectly; I had a hard time finding a mustard yellow that matched my duvet cover and ended up settling on one that was the closest match.

Do your research before using a fabric you haven’t worked with before. In the case with the knit fabric I wasted about half a yard trying to figure out the fabric myself. I should have used the great resources on the internet and saved myself the frustration.

Be patient with making the pillows. When I was sifting through the throw pillow tutorials trying to figure out which one to use there were tons of them advertising pillow covers you can make in five minutes or ten minutes! I would consider myself an intermediate sewer who knows her way around her machine, but for a new project with new material there was no way I could make these pillow cases in under ten minutes.

The great thing about making your own pillow covers is that if you get tired of them, you can make new ones!

Hopefully the links and tips help you out when you decide to make your own decorative pillows. In other exciting news! I’m Cut Out + Keep’s featured Fashion Superstar this week. They’re posting a different past fashion DIY each day and there’s a Q+A that goes with it.


Note: Occasionally, I use affiliate links on this site. This in no way affects my editorial decisions.

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Note: Occasionally, I use affiliate links on this site. This in no way affects my editorial decisions. Clicking the links allows me to earn a small commission that is used to help offset the costs of running this site.

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