In My Bag: Seattle

In My Bag Seattle

I’m going to be taking a weekend trip to Seattle, Washington soon. I’m planning on meeting up with some friends who have moved there for work, but I’m excited to take my first trip alone. I’m always in awe of friends who pick up and move or take a year abroad. I want to do that in the future, so right now I’m taking mini steps by testing out travel in the United States before venturing out of the country solo. I guess it’s sort of cheating since I’ll be with friends there, but I can pretend while I’m on the plane and maybe take a few hours away from them to test the waters.

In My Bag Seattle

In my bag Seattle is full of items to combat the different weather in the city. I know that Seattle is cold and wet now so I’m making sure to pack scarves and warm jackets to layer with. I love leather jackets but am even more in love with pleather jackets because they won’t get ruined by a little rain and cost a fraction of the price, yet still feel equally luxurious to me!

In My Bag Seattle

I’m also bringing more creamy moisturizers to battle the cold that could make my face chap. And some argan oil to help fight off the frizz that the humidity can cause for me.

Any tips on what I need to see, eat or experience in Seattle? I’d love to hear them in the comment below!


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