DIY Refashioned Pencil Skirt


For my first internship in college I had to dress business casual. As a poor college student I could only afford pencil skirts from Forever 21 and the like. I bought a few, wore them all summer and never wore them again after that internship. Not because I didn’t like pencil skirts, but because my body changed (I grew hips) and suddenly the skirt was far too short for me to wear out in public. I love the skirts that have lace overlaid on top like this and I was inspired by A Pair and A Spare’s DIY tutorial to make my own version.

I had found this beautiful silver flower fabric at my local fabric store months ago, but had not idea what to use it for. It wasn’t until I came across the old pencil skirt that I figured out what it would be perfect for.



Stretch Pencil Skirt-  or a skirt with a zipper is fine

Fabric or Lace of your choice – one yard

Contrast Fabric for the Band – 1/4 yard stretch material if you don’t want to attach a zipper

Coordinating Zipper- optional if you’re using stretch material


Coordinating Thread

Measuring Tape


Needle or Sewing Machine



If you buy stretch material, measure it to fit around the skirt. If you buy non-stretch material, measure the widest part of your hips. Measure how long you want the skirt to be and add a few inches to either side for seam allowance. Once you figure out the dimensions, cut the fabric.


Sew up the overlay piece to create a tube, leave one end open to allow for the zipper if you are using one.


Pin the fabric to your skirt. Hand sew or use a sewing machine to attach the fabric to the skirt. Attach the contrast fabric to create a band at the top of the skirt.

Go rock that new skirt you just made.




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