DIY Gourd Candle Holders


It’s October, which means pumpkin season! I saw a few tutorial about how to make votive candle holders from gourds and pumpkins that inspired me to make my own.

In the tutorials, they require the use of a hand drill and a paddle or spade bit, but who has those laying around the house? I had the hand drill but not the correct type of bit. I didn’t want to shell out twenty dollars for the bits to use for this one DIY. If I need it for other uses in the future I will reconsider the purchase.

I found a few tutorials that used a regular knife to cut into the pumpkins. However gourds are a bit different in shape. My method takes a bit more time and elbow grease, but it’s worth it and so much cheaper.



Serrated Knife or Pumpkin Carving Kit

Tea Candles or Votive Candles

Small Metal Spoon

Bigger Metal Spoon (optional)




Choose your pumpkins and gourds.


For pumpkins and gourds that have a flat top, grab a candle and trace the circle.


For gourds that aren’t shaped in a way that tracing the circle would make sense, trace where you will cut off to create a flatter surface.

Once you’ve traced all your circles it’s time to cut them.

For flat gourds and pumpkins, follow the directions in this tutorial.


For the other types of gourds process form here. Take the small spoons and use it drill into the soft flesh of the gourd.


Once you’ve reach the center scrape out the seeds and pulp into your bowl. This is when you may want to use a bigger spoon.

Optional step: follow these ideas to help keep your pumpkin fresh longer.


After hollowing the gourds and pumpkins you may find that they are too deep for the candles now. To fix this try putting in some crumpled paper as filler. Or try using other materials that will help keep the pumpkin fresh longer.

Display your new candle holders proudly!


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Note: Occasionally, I use affiliate links on this site. This in no way affects my editorial decisions. Clicking the links allows me to earn a small commission that is used to help offset the costs of running this site.

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