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Continuing my theme of back to school crafts this week, I wanted to share my recent lap desk makeover. I bought it years ago to use when I wanted to work in bed or on the couch and over the years it’s collected ink stains. I wanted to try out chalk paint so I thought this would be the perfect first piece to work on because it was low risk; I wouldn’t be heart broken if something went wrong.


lap desk 1

Plaid Home Decor Chalk Paint (Vintage Mustard)

Paint Brush – Make sure it is a high quality paint brush, not the foam one I used. It will make a big difference in the paint application.

Sandpaper (optional) – A big draw for chalk paint is that you don’t need to prime whatever you’re painting because it will adhere to easily. However, I needed it because there was some dry clay that was stuck to my lap desk that I needed to sand off.



Since I was sanding the clay off anyways, I figured I’d give the entire piece a quick sanding.


It took three layers of paint to fully cover up the dark purple underneath. This is the beginning of the second layer.

Tips with working with chalk paint:

  • It’s a matte finish and does not go on as smoothly as other types of paint. You need to work quickly or there may be patchy spots where paint dries (as seen in the picture above).
  • Buy a proper high quality painting brush, I was too excited to start my project to go out to buy a better brush. The foam brush is part of the reason the paint was patchy. I could of just painted two coats of paint to cover the purple underneath, but because of the brush mistake I needed three coats. I’ve started a second project (that will be shared later in the future) with a better brush and it made all the difference.
  • It says to allow 2 hours between each coat of paint. It will feel dry much quicker than that. Do not be tempted to paint the next layer on right after. The coat underneath will not properly dry and may create problems for you in the future. Try starting another project will you wait for the paint to dry between coats. I made my circle paper clips while I was waiting. I was also watching Game of Thrones, so the time passed by very quickly.

lap desk 5

I’m excited to be using this desk during the gloomier months to come. I know the brighter color will cheer me up!

Have you used chalk paint in your DIY projects before? Any tips you might have? I’d love to hear them in the comments section below.


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Note: Occasionally, I use affiliate links on this site. This in no way affects my editorial decisions. Clicking the links allows me to earn a small commission that is used to help offset the costs of running this site.

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