Weekend Adventure: Ceramic Class Conclusion

Weekend Adventure: Ceramic Class Conclusion

My Create in Clay adventures that started back in May is now over. The pieces have been created, they’ve been painted,  they’ve been fired and finally been picked up for this ceramic class conclusion.

I talked about how we experimenting with the glazes in the last post.I ended up with something pretty cool too, but definitely not what I expected. I swear I was looking at the glazed clay samples to figure out what happens when layering the paints, but turns out I did too much experimenting because it ended up being much darker than I anticipated.

Weekend Adventure: Ceramic Class Conclusion

I’m very tempted to take another class to make more pieces here, but I would rather go to a place closer to home. I’m not sure what to use the pieces I made for just yet.

Have you taken any art classes that you loved? Or have any ideas for what I should use these for? I would love to hear about them in the comment section below.


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