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Happy birthday Harry Potter and J.K. Rowling! I was recently watching a Harry Potter movie marathon on TV and surfing the web when I saw this pin. Since the Etsy store that sells these is currently on vacation, I was inspired to figure out how to make it myself.

I’m the kind of DIY-er that learns as I go. I didn’t know anything about wire jewelry so I had to do some research. Luckily, the internet is full of great blogs and tutorials. I found this informative blog that had a series about how to choose your jewelry wire, the tools you needed and so on. It also had a bunch of jewelry tutorials that weren’t wire related that look like fun. I suggest you take a look at it if you want to learn more, I know I’ll be returning.

I wandered around the internet some more, momentarily got sidetracked by cute puppy videos, but I eventually stumbled onto this blog post that gave a couple pointers and an easy DIY on how to make a simple wire loop. And this tutorial gave directions on how to make a wire wrapped ring. From these few instructions and tips I gave making the HP ring a go.



Artistic Wire 20-Gauge– I used copper wire in this tutorial. It’s pliable enough so that it was easy for me to bend and mold the wire, but it wasn’t too soft that it lost it’s shape easily. I would suggest getting a harder wire if you plan on wearing the ring while being active. I think the copper can keep it’s shape fairly well, but it wouldn’t hold up if I accidentally sat on it.

Round Nose Pliers

Flat Nose Pliers

Wire Cutters

Ring Sizer Mandrel and Ring Sizer Tool(optional) – I used a marker in this tutorial, but I plan on getting this because I want to make some rings as Christmas gifts (I posted about why I’m starting to make my gifts early here last week).


I started off playing around to get the hang of bending the wire at first. I suggest you do the same before attempting the ring.


I got these my first few times trying to make the ring. By my third try I was able to complete a ring that looked like the one in the pin I had found.



Cut a piece of wire at least 10 inches long. I was making approximately a size 7 ring (for my international readers, here’s a conversion chart). If you need it to be bigger add two inches for every half size up.


Starting one third down the wire, wrap it around the base of the round nose pliers one and a half times.


Use the tip of the round nose pliers to create the nose piece. This was tricky for me at first, so I suggest playing around and bending a couple practice pieces before attempting to make your ring.


I learned that the wire always need to be in contact with a hard surface to create the curves and bends without kinks. This is especially important for the nose piece, don’t try to force it. I got kinks in my first few tries because of it.


Make another loop and a half to create the second half of the glasses.


Bend the wire at a ninety degree angle on both sides.


Wrap the wire ends around a marker or pen that is about the same size as your finger. If you want to be exact, or don’t have the same size fingers as a marker, you can use a ring size mandrel.


Bend the two wires at a ninety degree angle about a half centimeter away from the edge. If you do it too close you can’t wrap enough of the metal around to secure the ring.


Wrap the wire around on both sides to secure it in place.  One side the wire will be longer since you need the extra to make the thunder bolt scar. It get’s difficult to wrap when it’s so long, so do the best you can. I haven’t figure out the best way just yet. Once I do, I’ll be sure to update this.

Once you’re done wrapping the wire, make bend the longer end to make the scar and cut the extra off.

You can go back to sand or file the ends so you don’t cut yourself, or you can leave it as it if it doesn’t bother you.


Once you get the hang of it, this ring is super fast to make. You can make one for all the HP fans in your life. This would be when the ring mandrel would come in handy since not everyone’s fingers are the same size.

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Note: Occasionally, I use affiliate links on this site. This in no way affects my editorial decisions. Clicking the links allows me to earn a small commission that is used to help offset the costs of running this site.

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9 thoughts on “DIY Harry Potter Ring

  1. This was wonderful! I’ve just made this for my best and myself and I feel like such a pro because of this article 🙂 Took me a few practice ones but it was worth it!

    1. I’m so happy to hear that Megan!! Just in time for Harry Potter season haha. I feel like there are constant movie marathons in the fall leading up to the holiday!

    2. I’m so happy to hear that Megan! Just in time for Harry Potter season too, I swear there’s endless movie marathons around this time of year leading up to the holidays haha!