Christmas in July: 5 Reasons Why I’m Gift Shopping Now

Christmas 5 Reasons Why I'm Gift Shopping Now

There’s always that joke about Christmas in July, referring to the stores that start putting out their Christmas displays in the middle of summer. I’ve been seeing stores have their fall and Halloween items out, so I’m sure their Christmas and winter things will be coming soon.

With the holiday season on my mind because of these displays, when I go shopping I’ll see knickknacks here and there that I want to buy as gifts. I like to give gifts just because often, but I was seeing a large amount of things that I wanted to give to people. So I figured I’d just get started on my holiday list early.

I know what you’re thinking. Why??? It’s only July, people’s birthdays and other holidays will come up before Christmas. Why worry about that now?

5  Reasons Why I’m Starting Now:

1. Sales on sales on sales.

There are so many sales happening each week. Semi-annual sales, end of season sales and clearance sales. Then there will be holiday sales coming up too with holidays like Labor Day and Columbus Day. New sales mean getting good prices on gifts sooner, rather than pay the gorged prices in December. Just be sure to do your research for big item purchases.

2. Plan now and spend within your budget.

I’m a planner so I like keeping lists and budgets to make sure I don’t overspend. The traditional tip is to save a bit of your paycheck each month to build in the extra pad into your December budget for the inevitable extra spending that month. But you can also just use the amount of money you’re suppose to set aside on the gifts now. It’s sort of the same idea right?

3. Become the gift guru and always get what they want.

If I start thinking about buying Christmas gifts now I can start paying attention to conversations I have with friends and family. It will help me brainstorm what thoughtful gift I could make or buy for them. Gift cards and cash are nice, but a meaningful gift is always better in my book. And it’s always nice to see the expression of people’s face when they say “How did you know?” when they open their gift.

4.You can take your time to find the gifts.

When I’m on a mission to a find a certain item I can never seem to find exactly what I want when I have a deadline. I’ve definitely been that person scrambling around the mall the week before Christmas. But if I start now I can take my time and not stress, which leads to my next reason.

5. Get it all done early and not stress when the holidays come.

If I get it done now, I won’t be stressed when the holidays come. I can focus my energy on other things. My least favorite thing to do during the holidays in write holiday cards and thank you gifts. My hand cramps up after a few of them. If I start writing them now I can save my hand and myself the hassle later. Hopefully I won’t be one of the chumps driving around the mall parking lot trying to find a parking spot during the holiday craziness.

Christmas 5 Reasons Why I'm Gift Shopping Now

5 Problems That May Come Up:

1. Buying the gifts early, but forgetting where you put them when December arrives.

Keep track with a list. This is the one I’m using. There’s no space that specifically says “storage”, but I’ve been using the “delivered” column to write where I stored it. You don’t have to use a fancy list if you don’t want to, a spreadsheet on your computer works too. That way there won’t be a chance of you losing your physical list.

2. No space to store them.

Some stores offer layaway. Or you could designate a spot in your garage or your closet for the gifts. It can take up the space of those extra shoes that you probably didn’t need. Buy one of the twenty gallon storage bins to store the presents in it, it’ll repel the dust and any creepy crawlers that try to get in.

3. Forgetting if you bought a gift or not for someone.

Again, keep track with a list. And if you follow my advise about the storage bin, it should all be there come December. But if you like lists, here are some I like. This has lists to keep track of Christmas cards sent and received. Here’s a simple list you can use. This one has more details with budgets, and other check lists.

4. Buying gifts too early so the giftee can’t return it if need be.

Only buy things you’re sure they’ll like? Or the easy things first. For example, I bought gifts for my little cousins already. They won’t want to return a toy, they’ll just want to rip into and start playing.

Try not to buy presents now for the picky people in your life. Save that for closer to the holidays. Here’s a long list of gift ideas to help out if you’re really stumped.

5. Who has time to shop all the time?

I didn’t say shop every weekend, but rather, when you do go shopping be more aware for potential gifts. Also don’t get swept up in the deal of the sale. Don’t buy it just because it 70% off, buy it if it would actually make a good gift.

Let me know if there are any other pros or cons you think of when starting holiday shopping early in the comments below.

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Note: Occasionally, I use affiliate links on this site. This in no way affects my editorial decisions. Clicking the links allows me to earn a small commission that is used to help offset the costs of running this site.

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