Updated Overalls

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In my DIY Jean Shorts post I had mentioned my aunt giving me a pile of clothes. In that pile was a pair of overalls straight from the 90’s with cutesy flower and ribbons embroidered all over it.

Overalls are a major trend this year so I wanted fix up the ones I had to try out the trend without  spending any money buying a pair.


The difference between overalls from a few decades ago and the overalls now is the fit and style. The ones made for today’s trend have modern tailoring that allows for a better fit. I usually see them with smaller bibs and backs.

The ones I had were frumpy and had kitschy embroidery on it. It’s redeeming qualities were that it was free, had  button openings that made it easy to alter and the jean material was surprisingly soft.



I had to first get rid of all the embroidered flowers on the overalls. That took awhile but with a seam-ripper and some patience I was able to get rid of it all. I just binge-watched a season of Orange is the New Black while I slowly worked.

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Using the same materials as the jean shorts DIY I added some distressed patches, cuffed them and moved the buttons back so it would fit me better. I don’t own that many distressed pieces of clothing, so please don’t think that I distress every denim item that falls into my hands.

When I was removing the embroidery it left funky indentations that could not be ironed or washed out. I had to add the distressed patches to disguise those areas.

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Updated Overalls


I’m going camping at Big Sur this weekend and these will definitely be coming with me. It will be perfect for the weather there because it’s been predicted to be in the 70’s Fahrenheit.

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Note: Occasionally, I use affiliate links on this site. This in no way affects my editorial decisions. Clicking the links allows me to earn a small commission that is used to help offset the costs of running this site.

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