Weekend Adventure: Return to Create in Clay and SF Pride Parade


This past weekend I went back to Create in Clay to glaze the pottery pieces I had made back in May. It was really interesting to learn about the glazing process and experiment with the different colors. At other ceramic places where you can go to paint pre-made pottery pieces, the colors that are available are the spectrum of the rainbow.

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At Create in Clay, they had a limited number of glazes that were earth tones and had many sample tiles showing what it looked like to layer colors. The colors were in a range from clear to different shades of greens and blues, but all the glazes that came out of the bucket itself were either sandy or red.

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My friend and I experimented with the glazes, layering more than what the example tiles showed. It’ll be interesting to see the results when we go back in a few weeks to pick them up.


I wore my newly made crossbody and thought it was the perfect size to fit all the essentials plus some extras in it. The boots turned out to be a smart choice because my feet got a bit trampled when I went to watch the SF Pride Parade.


This was the perfect outfit to spend a sunny afternoon outside in the Bay Area. The sweater gave me sun protection so I didn’t have to reapply sunblock constantly and it was thin enough so I wouldn’t become overheated. I saw some poor souls who didn’t think to bring sunblock and I could just imagine the funny tan lines and burns they’ll suffer at the end of the day.


After we finished at the ceramic studio we decided to make our way over to San Francisco in hopes of catching the SF Pride Parade. I’ve been a few times before years ago and always had a good time strolling through the aisles of food tents and wandering from stage to stage. This was the first time I was able to catch the parade itself, other times we’ve gotten caught in traffic and missed it.

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It was a wonderful day with the sun shining and a cool breeze running through the crowd. We had lots of fun people watching, trying new foods and supporting the LGBTQ community.

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sweater, dress (similar), necklace, boots, clutch (direction how to turn it into a crossbody here)

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