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Portland made me fat. There were so many delicious food choices and awesome food carts to try. I just wanted to stuff my face the entire weekend!

I originally planned this weekend because there was a sale happening on Southwest Airlines. It was a cheap round-trip ticket and I’ve only ever been through Portland as a pit-stop on a road trip up to Vancouver. I thought it would be perfect to spend a weekend there in the spring to actually explore it more than the few hours that I had previous.

Sadly I didn’t do my research before deciding on a date and chose April thinking it’d be sunny spring time there. I was so wrong. It rained most of the weekend and was cold! It didn’t take away from how fun the trip was, it just had me scrambling to figure out how to get around and how to dress because we planned on taking the public transportation and walking to get around.

I’m from sunny California and spent the last four years in sunny, mostly rain-less San Diego. When it rains there it rains for a few minutes then stops. Layering was key to this past weekend. We were in and out of the cold all day when we were exploring Portland so I had to dress in layers that I could shed easily when we were indoors.

We did the typical touristy stuff and walked about 5 miles a day. I loved the tax free shopping and all the cute boutiques we found in Portland.

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