Coachillin at Weekend 2


As a festival newbie I had no idea how to dress or pack for Coachella. I obviously have the internet and can see the street style pics, but I had no idea how to prepare for the hot and cold of desert weather.

There were so many things I was unsure of. Should I bring a hat? What kind of hat? Should I bring a jacket? How cold can it really get? How annoying will it get to hold during the day? How the hell am I suppose to fit all the essentials into my purse? Sunscreen? Do I need a bandana for the sandstorms I hear about?

Oh the dilemma! The good thing is that I wasn’t attempting to camp my first time there. I’m not sure if I would have been able to handle figuring out how that whole setup works.

So with the hopes of this helping someone in the future (and future me if I need to pack for something like this again):

Here is what I packed in my crossbody in hopes of surviving each day.









photo 2

image_4  image_2

All in all, it was an amazing weekend full of new experiences and memories. I would definitely do a few things differently if there is a next time. I would sacrifice my more fashionable shoes for comfier ones, eat more at breakfast, bring toilet paper or tissues along for when nature calls because there were never any left in the stalls, and pack a couple granola bars or protein bars and definitely bring a extra phone battery or portable battery charger. It is a challenge to keep the phone alive when taking pictures and video, fielding calls from friends trying to meet up, sending the occasional snapchat or two and use it as a flashlight at night so you don’t trip over the random people when you walk from place to place.

The main motivator who got me to go on this amazing weekend adventure was Jessica of Fringe Game Strong .  You all should check out her blog too, she has some awesome style that I’m often inspired by.

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